From the Tales of Netherron, Book 1, A Game of Pawns

So where do I start? Well, let me tell you a bit about the first book in this series, though it is not the only tale set upon this world.

Netherron is a seeded world and every five hundred years, the gods awaken to play a game of life and death with the inhabitants of this world. During the fourth awakening, the goddess Allani has chosen Nathin of Thothguard to help defend Netherron against her mad brother Torroc.

There is only one problem, Nathin does not believe in gods or prophecies; only in the powers of the earth he has trained in since the age of ten. Now, at the age of twenty-two, he is about to discover what happens when personal desire and divine intervention clash with free will in a game of life and death.

Nathin has not given a lot of thought to his immediate future, until he saves a group of travelers from a sadistic sorceress claiming to be his long lost sister, Re-Ya. In the group of travelers is the Princess Ryzza el-Quam and he is drawn to her exotic charms. Ryzza though hides her identity from him, complicating the budding relationship.

Torroc’s disciples though have other plans for Nathin and Ryzza. Before Nathin can make plans about his future, he is charged with murder, hunted by his own countrymen, poisoned and then Ryzza is kidnapped by the sorceress Re-Ya.

All too late, Nathin realizes that all his decisions have been manipulated, a pawn in some larger cosmic game. He understands Ryzza’s kidnapping is a trap to force him to follow her into the Northern Wastelands, but he has little choice in this game of pawns. With the help of others, Nathin must save Ryzza or the game is over and all the lives lost will be for naught.

So that gives you hint about the story, but of course, it’s much more complicated.

Signed…Nick Anthony



Like the world of Netherron, this blog is undergoing changes to better share with long time fans and new readers.   If you are unfamiliar with Netherron, it is a world steeped in mystical fantasy as told from an adult perspective.

Netherron is a seeded world and every 500 years, the gods of Netherron awaken to play a game of life and death with Netherron’s inhabitants.  The Tales of Netherron vary from character to character and told by those who lived the tales, protagonist and antagonist alike.  On Netherron, happy endings are not always the endings we would like…

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