Like the world of Netherron, this blog is undergoing changes to better share with long time fans and new readers.   If you are unfamiliar with Netherron, it is a world steeped in mystical fantasy as told from an adult perspective.

Netherron is a seeded world and every 500 years, the gods of Netherron awaken to play a game of life and death with Netherron’s inhabitants.  The Tales of Netherron vary from character to character and told by those who lived the tales, protagonist and antagonist alike.  On Netherron, happy endings are not always the endings we would like…

As always, the various post will be open to discussions. But please bear in mind, I will not tolerate rudeness to the blog or the readers. This does not mean I will delete critical comments or discussions, so long as they remain civil.  Been far too much rudeness across the Internet for the past few years and I for one am sick of all the rudeness.

Thank you for your patience,

Signed…Nick Anthony


About nickanthony51

Author of the Fantasy series known as, The Tales of Netherron. Netherron is a seeded planet and every five hundred years, the gods awaken to play a game of life and death with the inhabitants of Netherron.
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